2008 gem e4 turtle flashing

By the way never believe the battery tags so the tags on these Gels said 7/19 but if you look on the bottom they were stamped by the reman or the rebuilder like melted in stamp rebuilt not new so I was taking it upon the sticker above they would all charge up but they wouldn’t last long like I said everyone thank you very much it just helps me save gas in these times so I have E2 02 EL 03 E4 08 E6 11 my family goes back-and-forth to work with these not to mention the grocery store and to the beach with the Surf boards thanks again

So how doI get 2 of these magnets and how long Lee

And I forgot to ask are they adjustable

Whats the end result, I have the same issue,. Thank you

Well I’m going to test drive it in a little bit but it only comes on after a mile or two so I will let you know

It runs just fine no more problems

Now I’m just trying to have somebody give me a hand I need to program to go 30 to 35 so I can travel the bigger street here to go to work it’s a 2008 E4 with a DND 20 hp motor brand newAny help would be appreciated thanks

I wanted to also give a shout out to everybody that helped me with this problem this is a great community I appreciate all the help thanks again