2007 Gem e6 Service Manual


Long time listener, first time caller!
Having issues with my 2007 Gem e6 car. Will not run after a rain or high humid conditions. Nothing under the hood appears wet.

Hoping someone would have the 2007 Gem e6 Service Manual PDF and ideas on where to begin.

Email address. flyairmaui@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!

Need some clues before posting suggestions.

Any error codes?
When key switched OFF, drop brake. - Does it beeeeeeeep?
When key switched ON, does dash light up?

Do yo have a meter?
Does this happen often?

I will do a full check tomorrow. That was very nice of you to suggest some things to look for. I appreciate that. Thanks!

So it’s an intermittent problem. I have the following error codes displayed: 05,08,11,21.
Do you have a chart with an explanation of the codes?

You have such a wild collection of them but they seem to be centered around the foot pedal.

Up front under the hood, down under the brake master you can see the pedal module. Unplug it and see if the errors go away.

Otherwise, look at the grey box on top of the shelf in front. That is your controller. On top of your controller is a 23 pin plug with a bunch of wires. Trip the safety catch by sticking a small screwdriver under the lever and pull out on it just a bit and pull/wiggle the main plug off the controller.

Look at everything for signs of water.

Also, a more detailed description of error codes can be found in the GE controller manual.

Thanks for your quick response. I will look in that area for water infiltration.
So the most recurring error code is 08.
Is the accelerator pedal a common problem?
Thanks again

Hi How difficult is it to replace the accelerator assembly? The assembly is $565.