2007 Gem e4 in North Georgia

Hey, my name is Keith. I recently bought a 2007 Gem e4 in rough shape and I’m looking to fix it up a bit.

Welcome to the gem zone. I’m still new myself.

Congrats Keith on your money pit. The thing to do before you start throwing money at it is to decide what you want to do in the long run. The new Li batteries are the coming thing and before you put a lot of money into your car, look into all of your options. The other thing is to not just start buying parts but to look at the total cost of your restoration. If it turns out that you will need batteries, controller, charger etc then converting to the Li batteries might make sense for you. Since you are in North GA I would expect that you have a few hills there so battery capacity will be very important for you. I have the 7.5 hp motor with the 14-inch wheels and live in a hilly area. They do not go together very well. If you go for the bigger motor then do not go with the larger diameter wheels. Both together will make your GEM use it’s power very fast plus it will produce a lot of heat in the controller and motor.