2005 GEM With flashing gauges display and beeps

I have a 2005 GEM it drives fine for a few minutes then it starts beeping then the dash starts flickering along with other items in the car. If you turn the key off then back on it works for a few minutes then starts all over. If I stop the car and just sit there the dash just flashes on and off. Not like a warning but flickers aratickly. I wiggle the key around to see if it make a difference and it doesn’t. Then I turn it off and back on and it is back to normal. Well for a few minutes then it starts doing it all over again. No-fault code. Any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

dead battery maybe and/or corroded battery cable/connection.

Just off the charger and It drives fine. Checked battery connectors and cleaned up the grounds for the 12 Volt converter. Thanks for the ideas Dougl. Took it for a spin and it seemed ok. Hopefully it will stay that way.

I had the same situation. It ended up being the key switch. Removed the dash, changed the switch, and all is good to go. Just remember to only have one or two keys attached to your key chain. Anything more than that is too heavy and causes problems.

Did you swap it out with an OEM key or did you go aftermarket?