2005 and up front disc brake 'sandoffs'

I saw these standoffs on my 2008

and thought them possibly unsafe but it it looks like these things are factory…

I assume they are factory. My 10 eL has the exact same ones.

BTW, careful with the calipers , I don’t think they make them anymore

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Yes, it looks like standard GEM under-engineering.
They look like a good emergency stomp would tear those discs right off the spindles. Is it just the way this pic was taken or do those studs look like they are bent a little?

Then again, these cars were never meant to go past their 24mph speed limit.

I think it might be time to go shopping in the SXS aisles again and find something better that would cross over to what we are doing.

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That was my thinking also. And can you imagine this on an e6 fully loaded going 30 and needing to stop quick!

Increase the regen and a T4 & T5 GEM will stop pretty fracking quick.

I sent you my T4 settings export files right? I can be at 30+ with a passenger and a 400 lb load in the bed, crest a freeway overpass and still dump speed on the way down the backside just by lifting my throttle. My BMS says I’m tossing around 125 amps of power back to the pack for that first 2-3 seconds or so, then down to about 80 amps at the bottom of the grade another 5-7 seconds later.

NOTE: To increase regen, you actually lower the parameter numbers. Regen on these GE Septex controllers tends to lose all subtly at high rate settings. A 100% throttle pedal lift with a setting of “0” from 35mph might just put your forehead into the steering wheel.

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I’m looking forward to tweaking the regen on the T4 but I STILL don’t have the title for the vehicle back from George so it’s not on the road and sits in the driveway…

The guy you bought it from won’t lend you his track pass for a few days?

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