2002 Gem AC conversion kit

Hi does anyone know of a AC conversion kit for a 2002 Gem Car. I can find some AC motors but I can’t find a wire harness with direction for the Gem Car. Thanks

If you can find the motor and controller, the rest should be easy.
Lots of help on here.
What did you find?
I posted some kits in previous thread.
I doubt it’s worth the money. What are your expectations?

AC motor has more longevity, gets more mileage on a charge and more horse power. I added the link to AC kit.


No link I could see.

Sorry about that. I am afraid that I won’t be able to connect all the wires up correctly. I was hoping that I cou of find a AC wiring harness for a 2002 Gem car. Where do i find the comments you posted about Gem cars AC conversion kits.


My old thread had little info.
I see they do make a 72v version.
Ask the for a Gem reference.
Another member swapped controller brands and they built him a harness.
Unless someone needs a motor and controller, $3k is a bit steep.
Price won’t deter the hotrodders. :slight_smile:
It will be interesting to see how one of these performs next to Grant’s high voltage Gem.

Do you know if the 2002 Gem car accessories has a separate wiring harness than the one going to the controller? Thanks