2002 E825 Battery meter

Hi all,

This thread is awesome. I have a 2002 E825 with DC31DT DEKA 12V Marine Deep Cycle Batteries. Not sure when they were replaced last and I have had it for 3 months.

Problem: I can charge all batteries to 100% but after a minute of driving the meter will immediately drop to 50% or so. Then it will stay around there for a while until it drops again to 9% and then quickly to 0%.

I just tested the range and it started beeping at 9% after 6 miles and 0% at 7 miles. I kept driving it until 10 miles and it was still moving but I decided to stop since I know going super low on batteries isn’t good for them.

I load tested the batteries at 100% and all seemed fine (if I did it right).