2001 GEM E825 4 seat with soft doors and many upgrades for sale $3250


2001 GEM E825 4 seater w/optional removable door kit. This cart is a blast to drive around town and gets thumbs up every time I drive it. The doors are super easy to remove for the summer (off and on in less than 30 minutes). With the upgraded motor and controller, the top speed is electronically limited to 38mph (stock is 25mph) and the new front disc brake kit will allow it to stop on a dime.
I am selling my GEM because I need a commuter car for my daughter to use.

First the good:

9/20/13 Battery Watering System - $196.20

6/7/17 New Batteries $924.54

6/12/17 New Motor – D/D 7.5HP High Performance Blue Motor - $789.99

6/8/17 New Voltmeter - $10.20

6/5/17 New Tires and Rims - $589.00

7/10/17 New Disc Brake Kit and brake lines - $740.23

7/17/17 Zivan on board 72v Charger factory Rebuilt - $170.39

7/11/17 New Emergency Brake Handle/T1 Controller rebuild - $708.63

8/1/17 New Rear Brakes $223

11/10/17 New “gas” Pedal Controller - $205

12/9/17 New DC/DC Converter (12v) - $175

2/2/18 Replace 2 Batteries under warranty

2/22/18 Upgrade to new T2 Controller $890.50

6/13/18 Replace 4 more failed batteries (2 under warranty) $269.77

Now the bad:

The batteries that I have purchased appear to fail prematurely as they are failing again and will need to be replaced with the proper “Trojan” or “Dekka” batteries that GEM recommends. I made a mistake in purchasing these batteries which were less expensive, but they don’t seem to be able to handle the load. The cart still runs, but range is about 12 miles at this point instead of 30. You will need to replace the batteries (+/- $1200)

There is a small crack in the fiberglass back fender, not a big deal as it has been there for years.

As you can see I have invested almost $6k into this cart in the last few years, not including the purchase price.

My price is very fair and I am taking into account about $1200 for new batteries, this cart needs nothing else and is completely rebuilt. I HAVE ALL THE RECEIPTS AND MANUALS FOR THIS CART!

Maybe I have selective vision, but I dont see a price mentioned?
Can you either email or text lots of photos?
8O5/7O5 twenty one ninety

There it is-right in the title! $3250 Photos, please?