1999-2004 King Pins

Has anybody replaced their King Pins (ball joints) themselves, rather than paying a couple hundred bucks for a vendor to do it? What is the part number of the king pins?

I have not but I will have both left and right for sale within two weeks (The cart has 1260 miles on it). Make me a offer and I will sell them to you cheap. I am in the process of swapping the entire front end off my 2000 and installing a 2014 front end. I am also planning on replacing rear suspension with the 2014 4-bar rear end.

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I have done it. The Thing Shop / NEV accessories sells the rebuilt / new kingpins, they are not listed on their website for pre- 2005 but they carry them.

The individual ball joints? Or ball joints already installed in the casting?

I have purchased them in both formats, I’m a bit of a “special” customer so I recommend just calling them to see what’s available.