1993 Club Car wont Run. Help?

Hello i have been restoring an old golf cart but i have gotten a 1993 club car and i Cannot seem to find a controller, Does it have one? i Dont know if that is the problem or what and it wont run I took all the batteries out and tested them they are all around 6v, then i tested some of the wires but is there something else i should do to see if it will work thanks . Please HELP!!!

What exactly is not working when you attempt to drive the car? Post of few pic of the electrical system so we can have a look.


I have got it working it was a bad solenoid but there is a terible grind and knocking sound in the motor

Are you sure its the motor and not the gear box? Is there evidence of oil leakage anywhere? Do the brakes work correctly? Any strange smell when running?


No i have posted on other forums mainly about club cars and they said it is very common i took a video and they guy gave me parts i needed (very cheap) and it was a guide ring and a bushing or something i am waiting for these parts at the moment