16' E4 with new Gears/AC Motor Mod

Big thanks tor Rodney @Old_Houseboater for the new 12:1 gears for my 16’ E4.
With the new gears and the AC Motor mod my Tesla powered GEM is burning the tires off around the corners.
Thanks Rodney !!
Listen to the video, don’t watch it you might get sick. LOL

I have a 2016 E4 that needs work. Want to install speed kit, batteries and new 14" wheels.
I’ve read the Wheels are the hardest to find due to bolt configuration. ANy recommendations on best sites to purchase parts? R4F?
Appreciate the assistance.

Wheels are easy on 16+ cars -
Any wheel with about 35 - 38mm offset - 2" spacers in the back 1.5" spacers in the front. Bolt right up. I have 17" wheels on mine.
114.3x4 spacers

Gears can come from @Old_Houseboater - he has several good options for 16+ cars

@Inwo or @LithiumGods might be able to help you with batteries - lots of options here also.

Are you really in LaJalla? Our founder had a somewhat nice house (to say the least) on LaJolla Corona Drive. I love going out there.

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