15mph max

So i got my Brush problem sorted out, found a good endbell off a 5hp motor and the brushes matched, now got it all assembled and i cant get over 15mph. in low i get 12-14 and in high it sticks at 15. Double checked the connections and everything looks right. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you jack all 4 corners and check for dragging brakes?

What are your program settings?

All the brakes are good, Program settings are stock I think, with the old motor and messed up brushes it would go 15 in low and 25 in high. now only 15, it feels like it wants to go more but has a governor or something. there is no difference in Low and high. it just hits a wall at 15.

Does display indicate DH?
I’m not sure that is a positive indication that control is in high speed.

Check pin 4 in 23p plug on controller. Unplug to get access to pins.
Pin 4 at 72 volts is fast forward.
Pin 5 reverse.
Pin 6 slow forward.
Only one at a time is “on”.

Pin 9 will go to 3.5 volts as acc. pedal is pressed.

Make all voltage checks from B- on control.

Also feel all battery connections after a run. Bad one will be hot to touch.

WOAH! Inwo, you left me at the starting line. LOL totally new to the game but have good mechanical background so bear with me. The display does indicate DH. the 23p plug I’m assuming is the main plug on the top of the controller. If I put the + on the pin in question and just ground the black to the frame? Will I need to have someone push the pedal to get the 72v on pin 4 or will it be on when the switch is moved to DH?

Yes to all except the ground.

The 72 volt system is not grounded to the frame.
Use the big B- terminal on the controller. It comes from battery neg.

Someone push the pedal to read pin 7 & 9.

Not sure any of this is helpful. It will tell you what it is not.:slight_smile:

I will get on it first thing tomorrow and report my results. Thanks for all the help!

Ok here we go, Using the ground on the back of the controller…
#4 77.6v
#5 77.4v
#6 0.0v

No voltage when switch in in low. high is still 77, but after a full charge last night i still only get 15mph…

Explain your readings. 4 & 5 have voltage ? 4-F 5-R

Check 7 & 9 while moving throttle pedal.

ok, #4 Grey wire has 81v in DH (I just charged it)
#5 Blue wire has 81v with reverse switched on
#6 Purple/white, zero voltage when on DL or DH
for 7 and 9, can i do it with the E-brake on or should i jack up the front (scary) and run it that way?

I believe it works with e brake on.

ok, I will hit it up tomorrow morning. Swing Shift is killing me. On another note, While driving to work, I was able to get 21mph on flat ground. However it did throw a wrench and I let off the throttle and back on and it cleared and went back to normal driving.

I have the same problem on an 06. Did you figure it out?

Sorry I have been super busy at work, but I did learn a few new things. #1 the initial speed problem was from the new brushes breaking into the armature. I talked to an electric motor shop and they said you can loose 30% of your RPM and power until they are properly seated. Secondly, when driving to work, a friend was following me and when we got the he mentioned "I didn’t think your car was that fast. He told me he was pacing me at 35! my Speedo only read 21mph… So I had my wife side by side with me and in DL the Speedo read 15MPH and she was steady at 20, then I went to DH and went max and the Speedo read 21, hers was steady at 35! So one problem solved itself and now another is presented.

No more Wrenches, and turtle comes on just under half of the bars gone.

My problem ended up being a defective throttle control.

mine is running good now, speedo is still off, now a new problem has come up. Starting new thread.