12' long paddle boardS on a GEM e4

I just picked up 4 stand-up paddle boards and now have to figure out how to get them to the beach about 3 blocks away… I could make a wagon, stack them up and drag them down hill and then back up hill( only about 40’ elevation change ). But the 2008 Franken GEM does have a 2" receiver hitch.

hmm, this could get funny looking!

Each is 5" thick so in theory I could make something which holds them on edge supported by a roof rack ‘thing’ and then something mounted off the hitch to hold the ends of the boards.

Paint 1st Cavarly logos on them, strap them to side with quick releases and then play really fvcking loud music as you drive to the beach.

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I don’t recall what bed you have on your car?
How long between the back of the car and the trailer hitch?
(I think short bed?)

Do you have a rack on top of the car yet? You will need some sort of cross bar up forward as far as you can get it, and still those boards will be hanging out the back.

No bed, e4 with doors. Hitch is attached to the rear swing arm and so not back more than the back of the spat.

Agree, roof rack will want to be far forward, as if it were a light bar. Would extend the hitch back a foot or two before the riser. Could incorporate a couple of straps attaching to the rear riser then going to outside edge of front bar. Should help stabilize rear support from side to side motion.

I’m not sure I’d be running anything down to that trailer hitch. Any bump or transition in the road will be translating that right up into your carrier system.

It might be better to design something that clips into the backpac clip and canting it way back like a big sissy bar.

The tough part is what to do with the skags(fins) sticking out the bottom. You may need to stagger or splay out the boards or flip the boards around (back down, back up, forward down, forward up).

Don’t forget about where your paddles and life jackets are going.
Cross bars can incorporate a series of fold up support sticks so they will be down when not needed. Two center (one on each end, padded w/ pool noodles) Click up before first board goes up and give you something to lean the board on, then second row pole goes up and holds the board in place.
Second board goes up and third row pole goes up and holds board two.
Repeat for other side containing boards 3 and 4.

Included for inspiration is a quick sketch that I spent too much time on. (Rough scale based on wheelbase).

You can hang a mirror ball off the back and a detachable extra pole for fun night activities. Maybe hang a big cartoon hook off the back and buck teeth for the front hood for that “Tow Mater” look.

Good point and even though the beach is only a couple of blocks away, no doubt there will be times we’d consider entering another area which means a longer drive and way more chances for major road divots

I was thinking two on each side would be skaggs out alternated skagg to the front and skagg to the back.

I’m looking at trying the 4 piece paddles which break down into 3 pieces for SUP use(not kayak mode). But 4 sets is still a load and might not all fit vertically between the feet of the rear passengers. Man, this might require a full on rack on top…

The diagram is fantastic!

LOL, I can easily picture the disco ball hanging off the back of that roof rack.

I don’t know how long that Bumper Dumper has been for sale but 20 years ago there was a guy we went to Baja with as part of a pit crew org and he built, and used, this bumper dumper configuration. Some just brought a shovel, others put seats on 5gal paint buckets lined with a doubled up plastic bags.

But the bumper dumper always meant you were ‘going’ where your vehicle was parked and that wasn’t always a good idea when your equipment and communications were also tied to the vehicle…

I knew a guy who cut the bottom out of his 5 gal bucket and didnt use bags.

Yeah, he was kind of an ahole.

I’m sure you’re talking about solid SUPs and not inflatables… Here’s what I did… I just recommend removing the empties prior to driving.

ya, if it were just one I could probably put a foam pad down and do like what you did but I’ve got 4 of them and I expect to be using 3 at a time most of the time.

I did step on the hitch the other day and it did translate to dropping the body so it is not attached to the axle as I had thought.