100 mile range Gem

Only 400lbs

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Breaks down into smaller pack.
Here is a potential 50 mile pack. 110ah 22s. All in one piece.

Wow: 50 mile range sounds pretty fun to me.100 mile range becides a truck not sure what gems could carry all those packs.

Here is a Idea if you took a 2002 and added or swapped out the rear fender for the taller style rear fender so you could weld on the newer gem car rear battery box that would give you 3 different locations to hold batterys. #1 under the hood #2 under the rear seat #3 under the rear fender. You might be able to break down that 100 mile pack and spread out the batterys.

Here is a Idea for a 100 Mile Gem. Do a E4 with the after market fiberglass truck bed. You could build a nice Aluminum super structure to hold the batterys and have them all close together and I’m sure they would all fit in the bed.

It was just a joke, but the 50 mile pack shown might fit in my truck.
I tried once before in my E4. They were too tall. No reason not to lay them on side.
I have no home for these, might as well give it a try.

One reason I haven’t pushed volt is that they are 24s modules. New one is 44s. Making a double 22s.
Perfect for Gem.

I think they would all fit in my truck.
The frame is 22" wide. Battery compartment is 32" long.
Not sure I can justify A $4k battery for 2 mile trips.

With a little remodeling, I could fit the whole stock volt package as in the first picture.
Need to find someone who needs a 100 mile truck.


Shouldn’t have had that glass of wine.
Now I can’t stop.

That’s enough for today. Wines wearing off.
Battery compartment is huge.
As is though, 3/4" short.
18" more room by just moving the back stop.
Or diagonally.
Or I can lose the water connection and battery will be an inch shorter…
Think I’ll keep battery as is. I might need to heat battery in winter.
All it would need is some thermal mass, as I can keep it in garage.
Say a tank of water and gravity circulation.

Bet this makes Grant cry! To see what a MN. truck looks like. :slight_smile:

That’s a serious project I can’t wait to hear how it all works out.

Got interrupted today. All I got done is the 22s parallel pack wire harness. Extremely complex wiring.
Should be able to drop it in tomorow.
There is room for two of these. 50 miles is more than enough.

Heavy lifting is done. Nap time!

An inch too long.
Now to mount the aluminum angle extension. Bolted to back of battery. I don’t want to drill the frame rails.

Aluminum saddle brackets and original Volt pinch bracket holds battery in place.
Only used 3 holes on each side.
Don’t think it needs a tech screw top of frame as planned.

If no problems going forward, this will be the slickest high mile high performance lithium conversion yet.
I’ll measure my E4, to see if it’s similar. I sure went thu hoops to put them under rear seat, if it is.
Only problem so far was the heavy lifting and many nap breaks. What I did so far would be a two hour job for a youngster in a good shop. :slight_smile:

Too bad you don’t live in Cali I would have helped you lift that sucker in there NO PROB! Looks great so far. Post some pics of the complex wiring, I wanna learn.

Nothing scarier than connecting two 500 amp batteries with 20awg wires.
I age another year every time I do this.

It’s hard to even explain how confusing this is!
The middle 12s pack is cut in half. A 16s pack on either side.
6s of the middle are parallel to positive end. Other 6s P to the negative end.

A 17s plug on each of the 16s packs. 34 wires total.
Some of these need to be connected together as they are parallel.
Leaving 23 wires going to three 8 pin jst plugs for bms.

Once the harness is made, plug and play.
To get to that point, priceless.

Put the truck bed back on and went for a ride.
So far so good.
Waiting now for a bms and getting charger programmed.
Truck has built in dc-dc so I don’t have the right files to program it.
Maybe the stock charger will work for now.

Back on the hunt for more profiles.

I have been reading all your posts with great interest. I have the older two seater with a new Delta Q charger. Planning on tackling this conversion since I’m only getting less than 10 miles per charge on this battery pack. I like those Chevy Volt batteries. I have a set as my house battery in my Westfalia. Hooking up to my solar panel.