Won't go in forward

I am new to this forum. I own a 2009 4x4 Ruff and Tuff cart. The cart will run fine in reverse but will not go in forward. All kind help will be greatly appreciated.

Hey rpg7149,

I am also new to this forum. I am no R&T expert but can pretty much work on and fix anything. Have you checked your forward/revers switch itself? I have the same buggy and the switches have been at issue on mine. Most recently had to order new green and red 4x4 switches. It super simple to check the F/R switches by removing the dash assembly, 6 phillips head screws. Next get a DC volt meter and check the leads at the top of the switch for 48V when the gas pedal is depressed as compared to the leads at the bottom of the switch (reverse leads). Obviously you will want to have the buggy in 2WD and the rear end up on blocks when you do this…LOL. If the switch isn’t reading 48V on all lower wires in reverse but not doing the same in forward then the switch is bad.
Only other thing I have had go wrong with going forward was my 3-wire connection form my E-brake went bad and buggy wouldn’t move. I jumped the wires and its perfect now. Happy to help more if you need.
Feel free to PM me at my email...marklmathson@gmail.com if needed.