Wired Magazine - Request for Stories

Wired Magazine is doing a story on plug-sharing for our November issue. Plug-sharing can be any interaction between two EV owners whereby one shows up to charge his or her EV at the other’s home or business. We’re going to hit two aspects:

One, an etiquette list. Your suggestions on how to be a courteous plug-sharer, what not to do so that you aren’t a total weirdo. Stuff you wish other plug-sharers knew but don’t.

Two, humorous or bizarre plug-sharing stories. Weirdness that resulted from a breach of etiquette, hilarity that ensued from an unfortunate series of events, blatant slapstick, etc. Lend us your stories and we’ll put a few in the article alongside the etiquette list. If we can use it I’ll hit you with a PM to get your real name so that it makes it into the magazine alongside your tale. Any interest is much appreciated and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got to say.

I park at the airport in a covered parking lot with some Juice Bars. I leave my Volt unlocked. When the green charging light on the dashboard starts blinking, we all know it’s fully charged. I have had two people unplug me after I was charged, while I was traveling, and plug in their own. It was an experiment in community. The lot is fairly secure, and leaving the door unlocked low risk. But I wonder if there’s a way to disable the car alarm from sounding when the plug is removed, but door locks are still locked.