Winter Dreaming

My GEM is sitting in the garage, charging and I’m dreaming of better weather, upgrading my GEM and driving once again when Spring finally arrives in NE Ohio about 4 months from now. :slight_smile:

Just curious really and wondering what upgrades other GEM owners are dreaming about in this slow time of the year. Bigger motor? BattSix monitor system? New wheels, paint job, better lighting, radio install?

Your thoughts?


Personally I’d love a BattSix unit and better headlights. I’ve updated my brakes to front discs, have nice wheels, tires, upgraded motor, new batteries, reprogrammed controller and new paint on my 2001 E825 shortbed.

I’m thinking of re-polishing the aluminum plate on the shortbed but from what I can see that looks like a LOT of hard, manual work and how long would it stay polished once it was done.

The headlights are “inadequate” for anything other than finding your way home on a golf course after dark. Certainly not willing to share a public road after dusk with just the OEM lights. I’ve read various posts about upgrading to HID or LED lights but am a bit “hinky” about the level of customization necessary to adapt one of those solutions. I’d LOVE to have a “bolt on” solution if anyone from Polaris OR one of the 3rd party suppliers happens to see this posting!!

OK, how about doors? None on mine now but I’m thinking of adding them to extend the season - Couple more weeks in the spring and couple more in the fall.

One choice is marine grade clear vinyl doors custom made for the GEM. These are available from a couple of different sources BUT I wonder how long they would last and frankly they look pretty “tacky” IMO. Maybe I could find some that “quick snap” into place that you could take off when you didn’t want them.

Another choice would be “hard” doors but I think you’d have to buy them used from eBay or new from Polaris. They’re expensive and the ones I found on eBay didn’t come with hinges so you’d be fabricating them.

I really like the “look” of the GEM w/o doors but darn it’s cold when the temp is around 50 degrees and it’s wet when it’s raining. :eek: Under those conditions, doors would be nice.