Will EV fans ever forgive GM for the EV1?

The EV1 is a subject which is still talked about by EV fans today even though it disappeared back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Do you think that EV fans will ever trust and forgive GM after the EV1 debacle?

No. Eliminating what appeared to be at the very least an acceptable product and possibly the foundation for all future electric cars will not be forgiven. If GM creates a EV that is far better than its competition then it will be purchased. That does not seem likely now that there are so many EV companies now. They will eventually make a product but it will probably be comparable to others. Will people forgive the company that condemned them to 40 years of $5.00/gallon gasoline and all of the emissions. I don’t think so. Most people are not aware of the EV1. Chevy people will continue to be Chevy people. The ones that remember the EV1, including me, will drive something else.

I guess time will make people forget about it. If the company will come up with better solutions in the near future and there is no way consumers cannot say no, then, it will definitely look like they were forgiven. Let us just hope that the story remains on the paper so people can still think about purchasing from them.