Didn't GM Kill the EV before? Are they regretting it now?

Just a thought, should we trust GM with our EV dreams again? :expressionless:

Personally I don’t think that electric car enthusiasts will ever forgive General Motors for the EV1 fiasco. It is 20 years since the first EV1 was produced and still we have no answer as to why it was suddenly withdrawn from the market and all vehicles crushed.

It was withdrawn because, at the time, there was NO WAY to make it profitable to manufacture, And there was no way to break even on supporting the existing vehicles for their projected lifespans.

In retrospect a GOOD business decision.

I participated in the development of the GM rotary engine project that was dropped in that era. Also a GOOD decision.

We now have the Volt and Bolt, both receiving good customer acceptance and excellent manufacturer support.

Interesting to get an angle from inside the company. However, why were they so quick to round up all of the EV1’s and crush them. As we know you could not buy one as they had to be leased so ownership never transferred from GM.

There was talk of pressure from the oil companies?

IMHO potential liability issues.

GM crushed a bunch of Isuzu vehicles that were imported and never allowed to be sold in the same era. If my memory serves me they were thought to be prone to corrosion.

Ah thanks for clearing that up - always wondered why the sudden urge to crush them all.

From a laymans perspective it’s a waste. I would sure like to have one of those trucks. I was driving an older model at the time.

The auto companies have to look ahead long term. Thats why they do such extensive long term testing of new products. Even then we get recalls because of something they don’t find. ie: Takata Airbags - GM Ignition Switches - Ford Transmissions. - etc.

Testing on the road for thousands of miles sure does beat any of the new technology testing platforms. Good old wear and tear is the only way to identify any flaws.