Why Buy a Tesla these days?

Hello Everyone,

I just want to ask two simple questions:

The first is how old are you? (You do not have to answer this question if you don’t want to)

The second is: What are the barriers holding you back from purchasing a Tesla? If any exist. Pick 3 in order of importance. If “Not confident in brand” is any of your top 2, please provide a brief reason why.

  • Affordability
  • Lack of charging stations
  • Not confident in brand
  • Prefer gas-powered cars
  • Long wait periods to obtain a Tesla

Thank you!


First off I’m 75

2nd nothing is stopping me other than I have 2 vehicles that are no where near being ready to be traded off.

You need more choices. All your choices project negativity.

The TESLA is an OUTSTANDING car maybe asking for 2 choices would suffice. Asking for 3 of yours casts the car in a bad light.

Positive polls are more likely to get response than Negative.

Thank you,

This was very helpful!