Who would be the best US president for the electric car industry?

As we approach the US presidential elections perhaps now is the time to wonder who would be the best future president for the electric car industry? Who would channel most funding to the sector? Who has the best green credentials? Who really cares about the environment?

The latest betting suggests that it is between these 4 people:-

Hillary Clinton - A very astute politician who has waited a long time for this chance. Rumoured to be building a team of "green " allies

Jeb Bush - family has very close ties to the oil industry

Donald Trump - Says what the public wants to hear?

Joe Biden - Many people have discounted him because of his age

Probably Hillary but she would be a disaster for everything else.

Hillary Clinton seems the obvious friend of EVs however, do the US government really care about the environment?

Uh Huh

WAAAAAAAAAY beyond common sense.