Should Elon Musk work with Donald Trump?

While many had assumed that Donald Trump would be anti-EVs, it seems that he is keen to take Elon Musk on as an adviser. Should Elon Musk take up this rumoured offer? Would these two big egos clash or work well together?

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Never one to leave the pot unstirred are you Mark? Interesting question. Mr Musk and Mr Trump have many things in common. Entrepreneurship being foremost. Promotional talents, Salesmanship, etc. IMHO Mr. Musk has his plate full and I don’t think he has time for added activities. However Ego can make a person do unprecedented things.

What say you?


What these men want more than money or accomplishment is recognition. Much of the posturing is for show.

That said, politics does have a way of getting in the way of things and Mr. Musk has to make sure that Tesla does not share the same fate as did the EV1 in the early 90’s. And if he needs to get involved to better keep an eye on the ball, then have at it.

Further still, now is the time, as I think a conversation with Trump (business man to business man) make actually further the agenda for EV’s. It may actually send a clear message to those on the left that don’t think Donald will further the ball for EV’s, or clean energy. An alliance between Trump and Musk can go a long way.

The better question is this: Can Donald Trump work with Elon Musk?

The answer is YES. They will figure out a way to make money, further the industry, stick it to the leftist naysayers and while they are at it they will bring “space travel to you the people”.

Rodney my friend, these questions need to be asked lol

These are two massive egos - I think they will disagree at some stage and there will be a massive fallout. However, Elon Musk knows how to get what he wants and may decide to bite his lip with Donald Trump in order to get what he wants - greater recognition for the EV sector.

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With Trump as president, he will need to lead by example in shutting his mouth, thats no secrete.

I have just been thinking (risky I know!)

In the eyes of some people EVs are all about helping to reduce global warming - if this is the case, why is Donald Trump, a proven global warming denier, looking to work with the EV industry and its leading light Elon Musk?

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@Cleanenergy - You can get one answer to your question here:

Let me know your thoughts.

It does seem as though fossil fuels will play a major role in energy production no matter which path we take in the longer term. Nuclear, hydro and other relatively new forms of power will become more prominent in the years ahead but fossil fuel does seem to be the cheapest option at the moment?