White Car Company raising money for expansion

The White Car Company is looking to raise £250,000 via the crowdfunding platform.

White Car aims to redefine the self-drive car hire sector by enabling consumers to rent state-of-the-art 100% electric Tesla cars from city and airport locations, using technology to simplify the booking and collection process. Raising now to enact plans for the first depot at Heathrow.

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Here is a comment from Mark Strachan, Founder and CEO:-

“We are reaching an enormously exciting tipping point with the electric car market, with companies like Tesla paving the way for electric cars to become a mainstream reality. This combined with the fact that the car rental market in the UK and Europe is cumbersome, confusing and lacks innovation means there is a wonderful opportunity to disrupt the sector with the launch of a premium all electric car hire company.

“Our nimble model allows us to operate with substantially reduced overheads than traditional operators. This in turn means we can expand to new hubs quickly and provide a premium service with more convenience at a highly competitive price, which ultimately ensures we will provide an outstanding return for investors”.