Where are you from?

In an effort to help this site get a little more post friendly and get some more active members in here, where are you from?

I’m from Lemont, IL and I just bought a house in Romeoville, IL so i will be moving there later on next month as soon as the closing is done.

Hey Everyone, I am from Oregon (Pacific Northewest). Its 80 and sunny today. Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Weekend. We sat by the pool with friends and bbq’ed. Good times!!!

I live in the pacific northwest as well. I call Spokane Washington my home up here. Memorial Weekend was great here.

I almost wish i lived up there because of so many things in the electric scene going on in that neck of the woods…

I’m in San Diego, CA. As if one couldn’t tell from my handle (inSANe DIEGO). There is an electric car society here and I plan to go to my first meeting later this month. I’m working on a long term project of re-restifying (I restified it the first time in 1991) my '67 Camaro and this time around I plan to electrify it.
All through the 90’s and up to about a year ago I wanted to build a turbo V6 for it. After doing a butt load of research and planning I dropped the hopes for forced induction. Lack of funding and a place to work on the car kept me from starting the physical part of the project. Now some funds are being loosened up and a recent house purchase has made work space available. Since the car will be a whole restoration / update, I figured I would buy a little time and work on the body and interior while EV technology progresses more. With a little luck and hard work hopefully I can get the car on the road in two to three years.
Does anyone want a freshly rebuilt Chevy 350 with only 25 miles on it? I put it in summer before last and drove it to work twice before getting an econo box to commute in. I’d love to be able to drive my favorite classic car daily and be proud that it pollutes less and uses less gas than a Geo Metro. Not that econo boxes are bad cars, I just prefer to be in something more substantial as long as there are people in behemoth SUVs talking on their cell phones less than two feet away from me at 70+ MPH… and hell, who wouldn’t want to be in the car of their choice with a free conscience.:cool:
Here she is in '91 at her first cruise night / car show after the restification.

very nice, and good idea too for a good restoration car and electric car… RWD, lots of space for batteries, and steel frame.

NO FRAME! The car only has a front subframe and is unibody in the rear. I plan to do a fiberglass front end. The car is 2950lbs with the 350 in it. The engine is about 500lbs. I hope to lose another 100 to 200 by going 'glass. If I go direct drive the tranny would be worth close to another 100. Not to mention another 100 in gas and misc. fuids. My goal is to come out no more than 100lbs heavier than ICE weight. Lighter would be GREAT!


wow sounds like you have it all planed out! awesome, i cant wait to see how this evolves :smiley:

My name is Mike, I live in North Augusta, South Carolina. I’ve been working on cars (imports mostly) since I was in high school, but just recently started researching EV conversions. I have a 1985 VW Golf with 107k miles on it and a bad ICE. The exterior and interior are in excellent shape and the pullapart is full of them so replacement parts are easy to find and inexpensive. My goal is to turn it into an EV for driving around town, I’m in the research stage right now. I’m hoping to retain most of the passenger/storage area by designing a battery box that will occupy the fuel tank and spare tire area. I would only need a 30-45 mile range so I was looking into 12 volt batteries for lighter weight. I have been reading everything I can find on EV’s so when the time comes to start purchasing and building I will get as much right the first time as possible. If anybody knows of any EV groups or assosiations in the area I would love to get in touch.

I’m from Huntingdon Valley, PA - but I currently live in NYC.

Orange, CA! I’m from San Francisco, CA, but now I had to move to the OC!

Victoria BC Canada - a barren place when it comes to the electric car…

Santa Cruz, CA – Bought a 1989 Jetta recently, electrified by Frank Silveria who was 94 years old when he did it. As a retired electrician he knew his stuff and did a great job of it. Unfortunately, it has been retired too and needs some work to get it going.

I’m from China. Shenzhen city in Guangdong province.

I’m from Barcelona, Catalonia. South of good ole Europe.

I’m from Sonoma County in Northern California.

I am starting on my 71 El Camino shortly, I live in Arizona about 50 or 60 miles from Phoenix. I could use a nice 350. How much money do want for the engine? I can pick it up.
thank you, sparky046

Corn fed Indiana

Originally from England now living in Bonny Scotland :slight_smile:

Gulf Shores Alabama and Tavares Florida