Hello to all

I am Mihai ( darkstar_tfd ) from RO, a big web buff but also an car maniac.

I own an Ford Focus, 2000, 1.8TDDI, manual.

I am always in connection with auto car market as I maintain a big website for car sales in ireland. I also write on a couple of blog and forums related to cars.

I am not that of a great mechanic, but I do know a couple of things ( things I have experienced with my car).

I do know how to work with an old Dacia ( if you have ever heard of this brand ).

hi darkstar,my names paul,i am from the south of england(surrey area),what do you rekon to this forum?,ive not long joined it and i am thinking of building a electric motorcycle using my old honda thats been in my garage for a few years now,i have heard of the dacia range,i use to work on the dusters and the saloons as well,i cant remember what they were called,it was a few years ago,looking forward to chatting,l8ters,tufty.

Hi guys
my name is Kris I live in Templemore co. Tipperary midlands Ireland
Iam from Poland and Iam industrial electrical engineer
I thinking about build EV on porsche 928 body

and i know what is Dacia -Reanult 12