Wetsounds Stelth 10

I posted a video and a link to the Wetsounds Stealth 10
Sound bar and was told it was advertising?

I have nothing to do with the product I just thought I would pass the info on to others that might want to check it out.

It’s a Bluetooth sound bar that mounts up by your rear view mirrior and is powerd by a 12v source.

Here is a picture of it

Here is a video of it
[ame=http://youtu.be/g2g-_kgmAMo]Wetsounds stealth 10 RzR 1000 - YouTube[/ame]

I don’t know the line between advertising and passing on information. Like I said I have nothing to do with wetsounds Nor do I sell or retail audio stuff , so I don’t know what the problem could have been?


Your post was no problem as you were passing on information. Since it applies to any vehicle it was moved to acessories where it will get more views. Thanks for contributing.