Variable ratio trans

[B]The kind used on go-carts and some ATVs and I guess some cars. Other than the go-cart models who makes some thats suitable for say a 6.7" DC motor in a 1300 pound EV ?[/B]

[B]Would an EV benefit from this ?
As speed builds and the power it takes to keep you going drops the gear ratio will go higher and the motor will spin even less and in turn help extend the range and top speed ?[/B]

A CVT tuned or actively controlled to keep the motor near its max efficiency point would of course be beneficial. This is just a stepless gearbox. There are not many in production capable of moving a full sized EV and the ones there are are usually computer controlled. There is a Ford crossover (now discontinued) and the small Mercedes hatchback that I have driven with this type transmission and I really liked it. Foot the the floor would bring the engine to its hp peak and hold it there while the speedometer climbed.

Well I contacted[B] COMET[/B] and they have some that would be good for light EVs like the Trike I want to build 1000-1300 pounds.
Most are for High HP Snowmobiles… something to look into.

I can’t agree with you more.