having a limited knowledge of electricity/ their workings, wondering why no one has used a cvt? i’ve done several biodiesel/ svo motorcycles, and can quite probably do an electric, or hybridized, but would think that a cvt with “gearing” would help. am i wrong? anybody run any numbers or anything? if anyone can give me hard numbers, i’d be happy to make one. or two… or three… any designers want to have a go?

thing is, most people don’t need it… motors run good torque at 0rpm, and can go up to 5000RPM or more. Gearing is usually 4:1 or more… so the torque is enough to start as well as at higher RPM’s allow the motor to run in its sweet spot.

They’re lossy too, 90-95% eff… so take that into consideration. Even bikes that go 75mph+ just run a higher pack voltage to get the RPM’s they need to get that speed, but have enough battery juice at lower RPM to launch like a bat out of hell. You can try it, but usually just need that with lower power motors.

I’ve got some Comet Datasheets… they’re good up to 150HP. Also, they start “gearing down” at certain RPM’s… as they’re designed for centrifugal clutches on small go-karts/atv’s and snowmobiles.