UTV enthusiast

Hello All

As a novice to e-mobility, I´m really impressed by this site and look forward to sharing in the huge range of inspiring developments in this field. Because public transport is very good in Munich where I live, I rely on that and pedal power: most of my journeys are by bicycle.

But I´m on the cusp of a rural adventure on a small Greek island, and have been looking for a simple but rugged electric vehicle that can handle poor country roads, mainly convey people but also moderately sized agricultural produce. Alké trucks are a bit on the `trucky´ side, but then I came across an un-named brand, a tough looking, made-in-China 4x4 that is marketed by the Greek company Pro-Ceed.

As I haven´t found any customer reviews, have no experience of e-vehicles and live far from the company to test drive the vehicle, I wondered if anyone could give me any feedback on it.