Understanding of various features observed in existing Electric bikes

As already discussed, electric bike drive system is power electronic based and embedded based control. Due to this, this technology got the advantage of implementation of various value adding features. This story is true for electric bikes from any country i.e. India, China, Taiwan or any other. In this article we will discuss these features in brief

Current Limit – As Electric bike is powered by battery, the power drawn from the battery depends on the load and hence there should be control over the current drawn from the battery otherwise, battery & motor life may effect. This can be easily implemented by power electronic based BLDC Controller using some hardware and software implementations. This feature allows only fixed current and limits the maximum current to the programmed value. Bike would continue to run in this condition.
Over Current cut-off: As battery current drawn is out of our control and is limited by load, road conditions, we can set a maximum current point, where the drive system will shut down automatically and only can start with ignition key restarted.
Low/High speed set: This features is good parental feature which will set the bike to run at two different speeds. This allows the costumer to fix the speed based on their urgency. Low speed set will give more drive range but of course kills your time.
Cruise control: This feature being used in aero planes & luxury cars but now available only in electric bikes due to its easy implementation with its technology. Using Cruise control feature the vehicle can be continuously run at a desired speed and throttle can be released.

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My electric bike just gives me more push on the pedals. It doesn’t need a throttle.

It’s a Giant Lite, which used to be the LaFree.

Battery Charging Bike won’t start: This feature will not allow the bike to start when the bike is connected to a charger and is charging. This is a fool proof feature for the riders.
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