Tradeoff between energy consumption and travel time

Hi all!

I’m developing a research that involves the simulation of urban traffic scenarios with electric vehicles. I’m working over a method to route choice. To experiment my method I need an important information: How many time drivers are willing to spend for the sake of saving energy? I use this information in terms of percentages. In this case, 40% of drivers are willing to spend 10% more time; 35% of drivers are willing to spend 20% more time; and 25% of drivers are willing to pay 50% more time.

I need to calibrate this values with (approximately) true values. In this case, I will make a survey to get this information from people. But maybe anybody have this information, maybe exist a published paper, Web article or previous research that contains this kind of information that I’m searching.

Can anyone help me?



How can we help you? I am happy to promote your project and results if you let me know what you would like us to do?




Give yourself a little time to research the Study’s done by the UPS and Fed Ex Companies on route planning (on going). Their goal was/is to minimize time, obtain the maximum economy of operation and provide the maximum amount of safety for their employee’s.

You didn’t mention the need for consideration of safety practices when trying to economize. To get maximum economy without slowing following traffic, holding people up with slow acceleration etc. is a BIG issue. Saving energy only to be run over by a truck is, IMHO counter productive.