Toyota vs. Honda

The Israeli Government stipulates that hybrid cars must be purchased

I think that despite the Toyota vs. Honda mess that it’s causing, this is a brilliant move. Conservation must start at the top, and I applaud the Israelis for being leaders in this regard.

Wait until you see the EV project Israel is proposing. They are attempting to lead the world in being fossil fuel free.

I hope they can pull it off. Being crude dependent is an economical mess ( as we are seeing).

Better Place has gone through some issues recently, the least of which is being on their 3rd CEO within 6 months!

It is a little ironic that Better Place recently went into bankruptcy protection, having burned through $850 million of investment funding, only for Tesla to introduce a similar battery swapping service which has gone down very well. Perhaps the difference here is the name of Tesla?

I am still torn between these two non-American brands. I like them because they are both cheaper than most of the electric vehicles. They are not as expensive as the Tesla Roadsters, too, but they can always deliver one of the best services. Please help me with this big decision.

Toyota! :smiley:

Toyota of course! They make the highest performing cars in their classes and with the exception of the CRV all of their engines are nearly indestructible. Toyota engines are much less maintenance than other cars.

I do not see that opinion or because such changes can lead to influence the direction of producing

Toyota is great.


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i choose toyota!!! -->

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