Tomberlin E4 5hp LTO battery test

Went for first run in 48v Tombrerlin with LTO batteries.
3.8kw/5hp motor
2p 24s 50ah Kokam LTO theoretical 5520watt battery. 2.3v X 50ah X 48
Top cell was 2.7 but most were at 2.6

Starting voltage 2.6 quickly dropping to 2.5 volts.
25 miles at 15-25 mph. Lots of plugging against speed limit.
Used 5284 watts
End voltage of low cell 1.6v bounced back to 2v.
Uses about 220 watts per mile. Hilly stop and go.
Hot stinky motor 231F

8 X 6v trojans were about 12 mile range when new.

Can’t wait to get data on Gem car.