Tire and wheel upgrade

Looked through the talk on tire and rim upgrades and decided to put something on my recently acquired 2002 E825. Bought some Mini Cooper 17" rims with 205x45x17 mounted on them and changed out the 12s that had 165x65x12 like the stock rims. Checked the MPH on the old tires and the MPH on the new ones. Picked up an extra 3 MPH without any notice of stress on the motor. I have the stock motor. Went from 26 to 29 on flat road, 28 to 31 downhill and 21 to 24 uphill.

Had to cut out a small part of the front inner wheel housing to allow for clearance on the turns. About an 1 1/2 at the bottom.

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Looks way better what did you pay for the tires and wheels?

Got a steal off Facebook. $100 for the 4 with the tires.

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Did you have to use adapters? Or were they a simple bolt on?


No adapter neccesary. Emergency cable is close but I zip tied away.

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That is a deal indeed. The Mini Cooper wheels are a great deal, I see them from time to time on Craig’s list for $400 with new tires, your tires look low profile, some that I have seen have super tall profile tires and they can cause fitmit issues glad yours fit with little work

Any rubbing when turning?

A little. I trimmed inside of the fender. Without trimming there is a lot of rubbing. I will trim some more to stop the little that is still there. Drivers side is worse than the right side.

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