Think Wheels on 2002 half truck

Wondering if anyone has used or knows whether Ford Think wheels fit on a Gem.

The Ford Think is a 4x4 bolt pattern and the Gem is 4x100. I’ve been told it will work but they don’t line up perfectly.

That tire is about 4" wider than the stock GEM tire for a 2002. Depending on the offset on the rims, without back spacers, it might not even fit or it might strike something under the vehicle on turns.

A unibit will fix that lug pattern problem likety split. It’s only 1.6 mm difference. A quick nerrrrp-nerrrp in each of the holes and you’re all set.

(please don’t take that seriously, it’s a joke)
Are GEMs 4x100? I’ve never been able to figure that out. I think my NEV spacers are stamped 4x4? My stock rims are too worn from people using impact wrenches to be used for an accurate measurement. They are so close, it’s almost like a sloppy rim could work on either one.