Think reverse issue

Ford Think Gen 2 On occasion then key is put into reverse position ( yes there is a click sound) and the accelerator is pressed nothing happens Then I put in into drive and move the vehicle a couple feet forward and then put it into reverse it will then normally engage.9 time out 10…Very very occasionally it will take a couple tries to engage… It has happened in forward once or twice. Weather has nothing to do with it since its sporadic in all kinds of weather conditions.
Read somewhere it may be the F&S Switch ( ie the key switch?)

Thought appreciated

Electronics not my strong point,


Next time it does it try pushing the car a little bit and retry. Leave the key in what ever position it’s in when doing this. If this gets it to go it maybe time to have the motor serviced. With it clicking I wouldn’t think the switch is your problem

Just put key in reverse and pushed pedal. ( yes still hear the click sound). Nothing happened. Left key in reverse position with foot off the pedal and pushed it in reverse for a couple feet as suggested. Nothing. Tried process again and no luck
Then turned key to off position, waited a couple seconds, turned key to reverse position and hit pedal and it worked.

(Not knowing much about Think cars)
Can you dive into the steering column and remove that key switch for evaluation?

You should be able to figure out the wiring pattern coming out the back and put a meter on it. Check for consistent continuity as you cycle the key to the reverse position.

Also- using this info, you can rig up a temp switch instead of the key switch. Run it this way for a couple of days and see if your problem returns.

The switch is easy to access and to diagnose. It has 12 volts going in and depending which position the key is in will have 12 volts coming out on that wire. Pin 1 is power in, pin 2 is power out when in reverse, pin 3 is power out in turf mode and pin 4 is power out in drive.

If you need a copy of the shop manual give me your email address