Did I Drown My Think?

My Think recently experienced a near miss with a California wildfire. I was evacuated on short notice and unable to cover my Think. I was relieved the vehicle survived the fire (it came within a couple hundred feet) but it was deeply covered with ash inside and out. I hosed it off inside and out and it looks great again. However, when I turn the key I do hear a satisfying electrical click that seems to come from the under the seat or toward the rear of the vehicle. However, it will not run. The instrument cluster does not illuminate and there is no warning beeping sound when the key is turned to “Reverse.” It is hot and dry where the Think is parked and it has had several days to dry out in the sun. Any ideas what the most likely culprit might be? As you might expect, no Think mechanics are located nearby and I can’t afford to just start ordering replacement parts blindly. Thanks in advance for your thoughts or suggestions. - David