Think Contactor and cluster won’t turn on

I parked the think the other night. Turned off the main switch like I do before the rain and covered it. The next morning it wouldn’t turn on. The Contactor will not click and the cluster does not turn on. The think will not move. I replaced all fuses and even a new switch that I had and nothing. It will charge still and batteries are at 75v. The only thing that works is the hazards and horn. I tested the dc/dc and it had 72v going in and 12v coming out. Any ideas?

Check for codes. If it happened after it rained and if the motor controller hasn’t been rebuilt it’s possible water has gotten inside it. This is a known issue and usually after they sit for a day or two they come back to life.

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Cluster will fail when turning on the kill switch due to a voltage spike. A known issue for years. A rebuilt cluster will usually solve this issue.

Thank you. I’ll start by testing the controller. Is there any way to check for codes without the cluster turning on?