Think Insurance

I’m in Florida and am trying to find reasonable insurance for my Think.
I’ve heard some users here, have been able to obtain insurance at very reasonable prices. I’m not going to be driving the Think very much. Total mileage would be minimal per year.
Hopefully someone could point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Found proper LSV insurance. PIP, PDL (required in Florida), Collision ($100 deductible), Comprehensive ($100 deductible), Liability (Bodily, Property Damage, Passenger), Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorists, Pet Protection, Accessories, Personal effects. $159.00. Not too bad compared to other quoted I received.

Great who did you use, DTRT?

@David_Illingworth, Yes DTRT. they were real helpful. I actually found insurance for $75 per year, from another company. But after I paid for it and got the paperwork, it turned out to be off road. So I cancelled and got my money back. So anyone looking for insurance, make sure it is for LSV being able to be driven on the street.

So I got my policy and after the underwriters processed the policy and driving history, the same coverage went down to $124.00 per year. I’m a happy camper, as I’m all tagged up and street legal.

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