Think dead after swapping bms

Small arc when connecting power wires to bms.
Bms was off. New out of box. Should not arc. Must be static?
Is there a small fuse that kills everything? Like to key switch.
I don’t know how to get at anything on these cars.

I lnow that you have to know someone with a tractor or bulldozer and guns…

Cluster controls everything and it’s sensitive AF

Try with one of this Ford Think Deluxe Cluster Bypass (with 12V) – Ford Think

To discard cluster issue

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I heard about those Cluster Delete boards. I’m glad someone came up with an alternate.
Unfortunate that you lose the ability to view serial info/error code data from the controller tho. It makes it real handy to know why your car decides not to go when you turn the key.

Ordered one. Hope it’s not a scam site.

If you ordered from Hagan Walker, he’s legit.

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That should tell me if it’s the cluster. If car runs then yes.

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