The speed

I have a 2003 E-825.
It was to run to about 21/22 mph
I saw some posting from Marlon ( wmgrd )
He says he can help Gem Drivers get some speed
I contacted him.
He will loan you a programmer and then he will help get your programmer updated.
He ships it to my house. Then Step to steps via the cell phone.
I got it and really helped me through it

like i said about 21/22mph turf about 17 mph
Now steady 35 mph turf 2mph 1. It takes off a rocket now
he is great guy
I will ship the programmer back to him on Monday.
bottom cost about $45
It is like new car.
Thanks Marlon again.

call him 1 619 247 4044

He can help you other problems

Earl Halle
New port richey

Marlon (like many others on this forum) is a member that is full of knowledge and willing to help. It’s members like him that make this forum such an asset, and a friendly place to expand your electric car knowledge.
:tea: [B]Thank you to all those who take the time to help others here on the forum[/B]. :tea:

YES!!! Marlon will do what he can to help you with any problems… he has helped me with things that I had on ideal where to start… please help him if you need any parts …we need to keep him on this forum… GREAT Person to deal with…