The Renault Zoe is here!

Hi guys, I have a 89 Honda civic ED6 model (oz model)
At the moment the engine will start and then runs for a minute then stop. I sent it to a auto elec and they found the alternator needed a rebuild and they found a open circuit. The problem has not been fixed and the ecu flashes code 14 which in the Haynes manual is a electronic air control valve that needs replacing or an open circuit. Can anyone help me on this or how to find an open circuit as I can swing a spanner but electrics is a new thing for me.
Thanks for the help.

Everyone ,
i have an old Honda 2005.
i want change odometer.
Honda CR-V LX 4WD 5-Spd AT .
2.4L I4 160HP 22/27 mpg
but i donot know which tool can help me ?
which is best , which company is good ?
but my friend tell me this tool can help me.
Tacho 2008 PLUS Tacho V2008 PLUS [50002] - US$295.00 :
this is my first buy that tool, so i hope i can get more suggest for everyone

The Renault Zoe will not be available to the mass market until early 2013 but the first vehicle is off the production line and was handed over to the French government. It seems that Renault is finally taking the electric car market seriously.

Is it too little too late?