Tesla to deliver budget electric car in 2017

As the positive news flow from Tesla continues it has been revealed today that the company will have a budget electric car available for the mass market in 2017. This is the news that the whole electric car industry has been waiting for with the company seemingly able to transfer the vast majority of Tesla […]


I don’t think the date is set in stone yet?

I don’t think that Tesla would have said 2017 unless they were 100% sure they could deliver in that year?

This could be a game changer for the industry - any car around the £20,000 mark.

This is a good move The normal car buyer will upgrade as he/she gets older and their financial situation strengthens. At present the low end of the market is covered as well as the high. There is nothing in the middle.

What say you?

I agree and all of the news about extended journey capacity can only help confidence. Should governments be doing more to push people towards EVs?

I think model 3 is Budget car