Tesla Advertising... is it Necessary?

It seems that Tesla doesn’t need to do advertising. However they do have a large marketing and PR department. Is this good or bad?

Does Tesla need to Advertise? Nah, Tesla Customers do that! | CarNewsCafe.com

Tesla, at this point, doesn’t really need to do marketing. They have more orders than they can make and by the time Tesla expands production, the actual cars on the road will be advertising enough. And the marketing and PR team at Tesla isn’t that big, at all.

I once tried to contact the marketing and public relations department for Tesla Motors and from memory it was very small. Indeed I e-mailed them a few questions to see if they would answer them and they replied “you can take the information from our website”.

The fact that Elon Musk is on board at Tesla Motors gives them more than enough public relations and advertising exposure!

Tesla doesn’t need any more advertising. It’s been doing really good for the past few years. But I guess to make some more noise and an increase in awareness among people, it’s necessary for them to advertise.