Surely KERS should be standard on all EVs?

Unless KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is too expensive, or a cheaper version cannot be created, surely it should be standard on all EVs?

All GEM’s have it . It’s called Regeneration. When you lift your foot the motor becomes a generator an puts energy back into the battery. Its also a safety feature in hilly country as it helps to prevent runaway and eases the load on the brakes.

Thanks for the info!

Do you know any other EVs which have it as standard?

GEM Cars use GE controllers. The Regen function is built into the controller. This is also true for controllers built Curtise and other vendors. These controllers are used in vehicles other than recreational - fork trucks - people movers - pumps - rail equipment etc. It is a standard control feature and is utilized in most equipment where it is applicable.