Regenerative Braking

In a 2002 GEM e4 with a GE 353T2 controller, is it possible to increase the pedal up regenerative braking? If so, what settings do I need to adjust.

Probably Marlon on this NG is your best source for this type of information. I’d call or email him directly. He’s posted several times that he will loan you the necessary programmer and walk you through the steps. I’ve personally not worked with Marlon but others who have report he’s a very generous and knowledgeable man when it comes to all things GEM related.

FYI I had to remove my controller and send it off to have it programmed (Note: NOT programmed by Marlon). The first time it was totally hosed up (by a GEM dealer) and the second time done correctly (by Ride-4-Fun). FYI, R4F did not charge me to make it right since I’d purchased their upgraded motor.

The parameters for programming the controller seems to be a tightly guarded “secret”. In the three years I’ve owned my 01 GEM, I’ve never seen anything definitive posted about the various parameters and what they might do and believe me I’ve looked. The general response I’ve seen has been along the lines of “it’s too sensitive and if you do it wrong, you’ll xxxxx your controller/batteries/motor/etc so I’d rather not be responsible and can’t/won’t tell anyone”.


Yes You can dial in the amount of re-gen or more accurately adjust when it comes on.

I am sure you can. But knowing which parm it is and what value it should be is what is unknown except to the wizards!

Marlon gave me a Cheech I will see what parameter it is do we know if the person above has a programmer?

Thank you for the responses. I have tried both Marlon and Jim at ride-4-fun, both expressed the ability exists, neither was willing to divulge the settings. Marlon did suggest I experiment on my own to see what works. I do have the GE Sentry software and cable with access to all the parameters. I have tried a few changes and am able to soften the over speed regen down a steep hill. However, pedal up regen remains the same no matter what settings I adjust.

Like I said, no one I’ve found wants to divulge these values. They are gained through (probably) trial and error and no one wants to divulge their “trade secrets”.

GE 353T2 Controller
Setting - Description - GEM - 7.5 HP - Min - Max
1 MPH Scaling 18 20 0 255
2 Creep Speed 205 205 0 255
3 Controlled Acceleration 20 20 1 255
4 Max Armature Current Limit 255 255 0 255
5 Plug Current 255 255 0 255
6 Armature Current Limit 60 60 1 255
7 Minimum Field Current 85 70 51 255
8 Maximum Field Current 241 241 51 255
9 Regen Armature Current 221 221 1 255
10 Regen Maximum Field Current 180 180 51 255
11 Turf Speed Limit 122 122 51 170
12 Reverse Speed Limit 149 149 51 170
14 IR Compensation 3 3 2 16
15 Battery Volts 72 72 70 80
17 Card Type MPH/KPH 53 53 50-54 MPH 55-60 KPH
19 Field Ramp Rate Plug/Regen 12 12 0 255
20 MPH Over Speed 28 35 0 40
21 Arm Current Ramp During Pedal Up 7 7 0 255
22 Odometer Calibration 0 255
23 Error Compensation 10 10 ? ?
24 Field Weakening Start 43 50 0 255
25 Monitor 0 0 ? ?
26 Ratio of Field to Arm 3 3 0 10

These seem to be the important parameters.
I have made some changes to settings 9 and 10 to soften regen down a steep hill. I have tried changing settings 19 and 21 but they seem to have zero effect at all settings. I lowered setting 24 to soften the jerky initial start. I’m still trying, but have had no luck increasing pedal up regen. Maybe Gwest can shed some light on the subject.