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Over the last few years we have seen the creation of hundreds if not thousands of electric car clubs across the world where electric car enthusiasts can join together to discuss the latest events, latest news and latest developments.

This section of the website is devoted purely to electric car clubs around the world where you can discuss the latest happenings and latest events at your car club and also keep in contact with other like-minded electric car users.

: địa phương mình mà có thì thôi rồi

My name is David Heward of Holbrook Arizona… and I’m the owner of an older model GEM car… which I absolutely love. I am able to drive it to anywhere in town (and back again), and am able to use it about 95% of the time when I go anywhere (except when I have to go out of town.) I am also a big Route 66 enthusiast, and have been given the task of starting and promoting the “Route 66 Electric Car Club” on facebook. We’re looking for people interested in joining the group… owner of electric vehicles of all types all along the route, as well as anyone interested in promoting Route 66 as the FIRST cross-country route available to electric vehicle users (such as the Tesla Model S). We’d like to promote a BIG EV presence at the International Route 66 Festival scheduled for August of 2014 in Kingman, AZ. If you know of anyone who would be interested, please tell them about the facebook group. Thanks for reading this!