Sunday “Fun” day

So sat we took the Gem on a High Speed long distance run. Well things got hot and the Motor Magnet let go. I had a 7.5 Hp motor just waiting to get installed. So I figured cool now is the time.

Out with the Stock Non Vented 5hp

In with the New USED 7.5 Hp motor

Wait scratch that “The New Used motor” is no bueno! So Back out with it.

Lucky for me I had a Gem car parked infront of my car that had a perfectly good Vented 7 Hp factory Ge motor

So I stole the motor out of that car and threw that motor in my car

2 mins later I’m going 43mph with a stock motor LOL

And the broken 7.5 is on its way back to Grandpa!

Moral of the story. You don’t need a R4F or D&D motor to go fast you just need to feed that motor some voltage. And I’m sure if I did some more mods I could get the stock motor magnet to survive. But I figured I had the R4F motor I wanted to try it out. I still want to try a good one out.

PS I had a pretty (what I thought) was whine’y transmission. Well 1/2 of the whine it turns out was comming from the motor. When I put the new/used 7hp motor in 1/2 of my gear whine went away

Interesting to see how Steve’s stock motor works as compared to R4F.

Maybe you should invent a better magnet. Issues seem common.
Does shaft have a centering hole to put a pin in.