Summary of recent Nissan EV news

Nissan has certainly been in the news of late regarding its electric vehicle division with news that the company has managed to crack the code for a new generation of lithium ion batteries which will significantly increase journey capacity. While the company has yet to produce the aforementioned improved battery it now better understands the make-up of the new generation of batteries and the fact that even more energy can be stored than first thought.

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Nissan Looks To Build A Better Battery | The News Wheel

[B]West Midlands Police renew Nissan Leaf fleet[/B]

When you consider that the fleet of 30 Nissan Leafs taken on by the West Midlands Police in 2013 have covered 700,000 miles, saved £68,000 in fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions by around 200 tonnes, it was a no-brainer to renew the fleet. The police force has renewed the fleet with the latest Nissan Leafs which offer an extended journey capacity of over 150 miles.

The West Midlands Police is not the first public sector body to be attracted by the Nissan Leaf and the potential savings in terms of cash as well as carbon emissions. At a time when public bodies around the UK are struggling to fund their budget requirements this significant cost saving has been timed to perfection.

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[B]Nissan to trial energy sale to National Grid[/B]

In a surprise development Nissan has announced the forthcoming trial of a system which will allow Nissan electric vehicle users to sell stored energy in their vehicles back to the National Grid at a profit. The company will install 100 units which will allow the resale of unused energy back to the grid and it will be interesting to see how this particular development progresses. This comes at a time when electric car companies are actively pursuing the idea of using “spent EV batteries” as electric storage devices for the future.

The ability to create a long-term income from electric vehicle batteries should see a reduction in the cost of battery packs which have been a concern within the industry.

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Nissan UK launches vehicle-to-grid project, unveils energy storage system

Nissan manages to sneak under the radar but seems to be making great progress.