Student designing a 2 seater sports electric car

I am a student studying transport design at Coventry uk.
I am designing a electric sports electric car that can give the same feeling of reliablity and lust as petrol car. (so you don’t worry about the battery running out of charge when driving)

It would be helpful for me to get your opinions about the following…

What would make an electric sports car stand out from others?

Having generally no noise when in motion, would this put you off having an electric sports car?

What about the idea of a battery rent system so you can change the battery when its discharged with a fresh charged one?

Thanks Harry

there are alot of things you can do to make it stand out from the rest… for one… use straight cut gears it will sound better and since your not messing arround with gearing it will be fine.

Another thing to do, is make sure it weighs as little as possible… as always less weight warrents the ability to go faster, handle better, and brake better than any other cars out there.

For an electric sports car what would you like to see the most to make it a future choice for a sports car?

Question open for everyone to give their view